Game Description

Sparty (one of the most courageous warriors from Sparta enjoyed a picnic day with his  girlfriend ( the princess Spyrta).  The lady is kidnapped by  the troops of Mr Chicken ( Enemy of  Sparta and The most negative force in whole word).  She is taken up onto a land far away and loses her most valuable object (the red rose)   The red rose allows to Sparty enter to Mr. Chicken's Land .Sparty  , avoiding all the hazards in the way, to rescue her. The Princess Spyrta is finally saved by Sparty, and they share a special moment together.

Game Modifications

Gameplay ModificationsDesign ModificationsAesthetic
  1. New Enemies with their own behavior.
  2. New Obstacles and Challenges. 
  3. Extra lifes. 
  4. New Coins to get more points.
1. New  level.
2. New Characters.
3. Storytelling using sliders.

1. New  graphics in some significant way.
2. Additional significant and coherent graphical elements to the game, such as additional enemies (Mr chicken troops), new chatacter (Princess Spyrta), both of them ,complete with animated states.
3. New backgroung music composed by Carlos Hernández Arcila.